Early on, I decided it would be nice to make a model out of cardboard.  A piano sale at the music building provided a fine opportunity to filch some good sized pieces from the dumpster.  The model never materialized, but getting the cardboard was a fun adventure anyway.

Ok- so now I just glue it all together,  right?

Actually, the top two pieces are pretty significant works of art.  The hidden masterpiece is the block, which holds the whole thing together.  Made from the same piece of wood as my first rebec, it is the product of many weeks of puzzling, followed by many hours of careful sawing and sanding.  

The first two parts go together: making the soundboard.

One important lesson that I learned is that wood warps.  Here is my rather makeshift attempt to un-warp the bottom frame.  I think it helped a little, though in the end I decided that I could work around that particular defect.

Care for a clamp?

A skeletal trumpet marine


Building the trumpet marine called for some creative clamping.  Here are my favorites: clay sandwiches. 


One piece left

And there it is.  Three standard clamps, 20 feet of surgical tubing, and a few clay sandwiches for good measure.

I think I need a bigger car...

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