An assortment of good pictures

Timmy the owl


tubbing.jpg (53813 bytes)My brother tubbing on Lake Superior

rrtracks.jpg (105450 bytes)A walk in northern Delaware

Date's ready

snowviolin.jpg (72410 bytes)How I celebrated the one-and-only blizzard during my five years in Delaware

Ringing in the new millennium

icethanks2000.jpg (119110 bytes) Thanksgiving afternoon on the lake

 ncsnowm.JPG (103760 bytes)  ncsnowk.JPG (71423 bytes)  Snow in North Carolina

spsmendelssohn.jpg (65123 bytes)The Mendelssohn String Quartet

A spring swim

brothershike.jpg (60291 bytes)One brother lending a helping back to the other

socks.JPG (50586 bytes)What to do with dirty socks in your dorm room

mom60th.jpg (94170 bytes)Mom celebrating a milestone birthday with a speedy ride 

momroof.jpg (211450 bytes)Mom celebrating the rest of her birthday on the roof

roof2.jpg (100327 bytes)Hold still, Quinn, there's a shingle on your head.

rusfiddle.jpg (57247 bytes)Fiddling with cousin Rus

My castle

pooh.JPG (37329 bytes)Winnie the Pooh's Big Adventure

camel.jpg (62962 bytes)  camel2.jpg (63300 bytes)A favorite Halloween costume

Can you guess what this is?  

body.jpg (30101 bytes)  Building the trumpet marine

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